Streamline your route to implementing security controls

Risks associated with critical infrastructure continue to increase as companies adopt new technologies, forcing organizations of all sizes to rethink processes, security measures and interactions.

Designed to be brief but impactful, Security Essentials is comprised of quick-hitting courses that explain security controls in simple language and provide examples of safeguards and countermeasures for minimizing security risk. Modeled after NIST 800-53, theses courses provide essential knowledge required to integrate NIST 800-53 v4 controls into your organization’s SDLC and Enterprise Infrastructure.

Topics include:

Account Management
Session Management
Access Control for Mobile Devices
Secure Configuration Management
Risk Assessment
System and Information Integrity
Security Planning Policy and Procedures
Information Security Program Planning
Incident Response
Security Audit and Accountability
Security Assessment and Authorization
Identification and Authentication
Physical and Environmental Protection
Security Engineering Principles
Application Protection
Data Protection
Security Maintenance Policies
Media Protection

Minimize Risk by providing training across key areas of Cybersecurity

These courses help integrate operational risk and business risk management activities for more intelligent, business appropriate decisions. Courses can be broken up by roles such as Enterprise Security Management, Software Development or IT Project Management, Facilities and Operations, DevOps, Risk Management, as well as Policy Planning and Writing.