For Technology Industries

Enabling Technology Companies to Reduce Security Vulnerabilities

To survive in the technology industry, companies need to constantly evolve and adapt to meet the demands of customers. As the demand increases for new and improved technology, so do vulnerabilities and opportunities for attackers. To be on the cutting edge of technology means your organization will need to design, develop, and deploy new software and applications.

We offer a well-rounded number of services to uncover vulnerabilities within applications and to protect the sensitive data they hold. We've worked with well known organizations including Dell, Google, Adobe, and more to help train their teams to code securely and test their applications for potential vulnerabilities.

Security Assessments

Technology companies and ISV's are the largest consumers of our software code review. Given the high-risk nature of applications developed by technology organizations, we've done it all. Our testing and reviews help find vulnerabilities by using tools and manual review. Many of the top technology companies including Microsoft, Symantec, Sony, Amazon, Adobe, and others partner with use for our stellar track record and years of expertise.

Software Security Training

We offer 100+ software security focused training courses arming your security, developer, and engineering staff with the training they need to write the most secure code possible. Our courses cover topics including secure coding, design, engineering, and testing. We also have popular course bundles covering specific platforms and for specific team members.

Hackerthon Training

Our hackerthon is a unique and innovative approach to secure software education. Available as an in-person or remote offering, teams can hack away on three purposely vulnerable websites similar that include similar vulnerabilities one might see on a real live website. Participants will quickly learn and apply hacking techniques in a safe and legal environment.

Secure Coding Knowledgebase

Our secure coding knowledgebase was created by developers for developers using secure coding standard, code snippets, and checklists built from 10+ years of targeted security assessments for Fortune 500 organizations. This proprietary knowledgebase contains 2,500+ checklists, how-to's, and code samples and is available to organizations who purchase our developer training.