For Retail and Hospitality Industries

Overcome Security Challenges in the Retail and Hospitality Industry

Retailers are caught in a unique situation where the growth of online shopping has made them high targets for cyberattacks. With the rise in online shopping, retailers now hold more credit card and personal information than ever before, and consumers expect this data to remain secure. Whether shopping in stores or online, eCommerce organizations must have a comprehensive security approach and processes in place to ensure loyal and trusting customers keeping coming back.

Addressing the wide range of cybersecurity risks in the retail and hospitality industry is no easy task. We work with a number of top retail and hospitality industries to ensure PCI compliance requirements through both application security and general awareness training. We not only conduct assessments to assess security risks, but provide remediation guidance to effectively fix them.

Security Awareness Training

Employees represent one of the biggest security threats to retailers and the hospitality industry. Given the staffing fluctuations most retailers encounter, a solid general awareness program can significantly reduce common employee-driven security breaches and help meet compliance needs. Our program contains nine modules, including one specific to PCI compliance.

Application Security Training

As more transactions start occurring through web and mobile applications, developers need specialized training to ensure they're writing secure code. With 120+ courses to choose from including a PCI Developer Curriculum, retail and hospitality industry development teams can have their pick.

Software Security Assessments

Offering both time boxed and scoped engagements, we excel at testing mid to high-risk applications for retailers. Our team of experts searches for vulnerabilities and offers remediation guidance. Each of our service engagements come with a zero false positive guarantee.