For Mobile Platforms

Develop Defenses Against Mobile Threats

Because mobile application development remains an emerging field, development teams often create software unequipped to withstand the unique threats of the changing mobile environment. Driven by our mobile security Center of Excellence, we leverage our ongoing research in mobile threats and attacks to deliver forward-thinking mobile security assessment and training solutions.

Organizations including Microsoft, Motorola, and HTC rely on our cutting edge expertise to identify vulnerabilities within their mobile applications and to build the internal expertise needed to prevent these risks.

Software Security Assessments

Our experts have years of experience testing mobile applications, mobility devices, and the back-end systems to which they are connected. Organizations like Kronos, HP, Thomson Reuters, Cisco, and Nuance Communications, have depended on us to ensure their key mobile applications are secure. Our experts focus security assessments on weak spots to routinely bypass client protections, masquerade as a rogue client/server, and spoof communication channels.

For every assessment the process is the same: we document each vulnerability found, assign a risk rating, and provide detailed remediation advice which integrates with our secure coding knowledgebase. Most importantly, we work closely with your teams to ensure that problems are fixed correctly.

Application Security Training for Mobile Development

Our application security course catalog has the broadest collection of mobile application security courses in the industry. This content is constantly being updated by our Centers of Excellence and security assessment teams whose findings from their engagements are fed straight back into our training platform. We offer short and concise introductory courses as well as more technical and intense training on topics such as secure mobile development, accessing network resources securely, creating sure Android and iPhone code, and more. View our Mobile Developer course bundle or full course catalog.