For Healthcare Industries

Reducing Security Incidents to Focus on Patient Care

Healthcare organizations are among the top targeted industries when it comes to data breaches. A breach could lead to leaked patient data used for identity theft or even remotely accessing medical equipment from outside the network. For this reason, it's imperative healthcare organizations take extra precaution to secure company, employee, and patient data.

Here at Security Innovation, we understand the strict requirements needed within the healthcare industry. We have helped a number healthcare businesses increase their online security and protect sensitive data through a combination of security training and application testing. We offer a number of services to help protect your healthcare organization.

Security Awareness Training

Employees can represent one of the biggest security threats to hospitals and other healthcare organizations. Given the tight restrictions concerning patient data coupled with recent high visibility breaches, hospitals can add another layer of security protection by having an informed staff. Our general awareness modules can help assist with HIPAA compliance and are designed to engage busy employees in short, lively, and interactive learning about how each employee can do their part to reduce vulnerabilities.

Software Security Assessments

Offering both time boxed and scoped engagements, we have excelled at testing third-party software and internally developed applications. No healthcare organization can afford to use an application that includes vulnerabilities. Utilizing the best scanning tool for each engagement, our team of mobile and web application experts search for vulnerabilities and offer remediation guidance to your internal teams.