For Government Organizations

Enabling Government Agencies to Withstand Security Threats

Government agencies are prime targets for malicious attacks due to the extremely sensitive data these agencies hold. Citizens expect the government to protect their assets from potential threats, and we're here to help your organization do just that.

We have served as a trusted adviser and security resource for the Software and Infrastructure Division of US Courts for nearly five years. Our dedicated project manager provides on-demand support to quickly address a variety of security needs for the organization. Our deliverables range from security code reviews to secure system development, architecture, and infrastructure. They leverage our team of security experts and assign appropriate skill sets based on the distinct needs of each project.

We have also conducted security and quality testing on Draeger breathalyzers for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. When under scrutiny as part of a class action lawsuit, we served as "expert witness" in the courtroom proceedings and trained our clients based on the findings in our analysis.

Application Security Services

Since the beginning, we've offered specific and unique service offerings to State and Federal Government. Taking advantage of our deep knowledge in application security and expertise in pen testing, code review, and threat modeling, State and Federal Government agencies have contracted with us to perform a variety of security functions.


There is an emerging technology called Quantum Computing used to break the most commonly used cryptographic solutions, including RSA and ECC. All encrypted communications will no longer be protected, putting Government institutions at great risk. Fortunately, there are crypto algorithms, including NTRU, that are resistant to all known Quantum Computing attacks.

Security Awareness Training

Recognizing employees are often the link between hackers and data breaches, our general awareness program and our phishing simulation can train all Government employees to help safeguard against creating unintentional security exploitation points.

Application Security Training

Understanding security begins at the application level. Government IT workers can leverage our catalog of 120+ courses to learn how to write more secure code.