For Financial and Insurance Industries

Is your Financial Organization Protected Against a Cyberattack?

Financial organizations are at the top of the list as potential cyberattack targets, and most financial organizations rate security as one of their top concerns. When dealing with sensitive financial data, customers expect their information to stay secure and private. As technology grows and advances, financial organizations are forced to adapt to customer needs. Unfortunately, it can become especially difficult to keep these applications secure.

Security Innovation has a long standing record securing the financial industry. Have you ever withdrew money from an ATM? Our software makes sure that transaction is secure. We understand standard compliance requirements, but also the need to go above and beyond standard regulations to thwart off malicious attacks. We will help you determine the appropriate processes and steps to develop secure applications and prevent the risk of a data breach.

Application Security Training

Training can go a long way to help prevent vulnerabilities within applications. In the finance industry, it's critical that developers know how to write secure code. Financial institutions represent the largest industry for our application security training, which is why Fortune 500 organizations like Charles Schwab, HSBC, UBS, Elavon, and AIG deploy our eLearning solutions.

Software Security Assessments

Our application security experts can identify vulnerabilities by conducting a security code review or application penetration test. Our assessments include the added benefit of manual review to catch vulnerabilities a scanning tool may miss. 

Enterprise Attack Simulation

Would you be prepared if a hacker tried to infiltrate your IT infrastructure? Financial services organizations often rely on third party applications and COTS hardware, each of which can introduce data risks well-known to hackers. Our attack simulations conduct perpetual attacks on your IT infrastructure to identify vulnerable areas that can be exploited.

SDLC Gap Analysis

Whether your financial organization needs to map application security to compliance mandates or simply wants to integrate security into the existing software development lifecycle (SDLC), we can help.

NTRU Crypto

Our NTRU algorithm is resistant to Quantum Computing threats and has been approved by the Accredited Standards Committee X9 as an encryption standard for data protection within the financial industry. No one will be impacted more by coming Quantum Computing changes than the finance and insurance industries.