Viewing your Infrastructure Through an Intruder's Lens

Our IT infrastructure security services ensure the security of private and cloud infrastructures by identifying application vulnerabilities, misconfigured technologies, and vulnerable components. As we identify exposures, we transfer strategic and tactical expertise to help improve your IT security posture. 

Unparalleled Cloud Infrastructure and Application Security Expertise 

Security Innovation has performed numerous assessments on the Microsoft and Amazon cloud platforms as well as the applications that run on them. We leverage this unique insight to help integrate cloud operations into your IT environment safely and optimize available security controls.

Cloud & Virtualization Migration Planning

We'll help you understand cloud adoption risks and recommend specific steps to securely move your business to the cloud. This includes establishing criteria for different classes of data and defining deployment standards.

AWS/Azure Configuration Review

During an AWS/Azure cloud configuration review, our engineers conduct deep inspections on cloud applications, host/OS and firewall configurations, components, architecture, and VPN security.

Enterprise Attack Simulation

This isn't just a network or application penetration test - an enterprise attack simulation leverages our engineers to conduct perpetual attacks on your IT infrastructure, follow chaining paths between vulnerable systems, and disclose which applications and hardware are putting you at real risk.