Centers of Excellence

Researching Advanced Technologies and Emerging Threats to Stay Ahead of Attackers

Our Centers of Excellence (CoE's) serve as the nerve center for ongoing research and knowledge dissemination on critical platforms, technologies, and emerging threats. They yield ongoing methodology refinement, skills progression, and custom tools development allowing us to conduct specialized assessments and provide informed remediation advice for our clients.  

Additionally, insights developed by our experts are fed directly into our training courses to ensure they always contain the latest information on the threat landscape and defensive tactics. Each CoE is led by our foremost expert in that field covering the following platforms:


Research and tools development for all major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry), APIs, communication channels, and commonly-used hardware components


Security research on cloud infrastructure as well as the applications that run on those platforms, the APIs they use for integration and communication, and the technologies used to build them


Aligning software development and IT operations teams with respect to security, using technologies, tools, and processes including micro services, containerization, continuous deployment, and various development methodologies


Ongoing expertise and research spans multiple chipsets, RTOSs, and deployment platforms


Ongoing research on "classic" software applications that remain critical to many enterprises, including binary reversing, targeted exploitation, and threat analysis for this often neglected set of software applications